Patient Testimonials

At Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics, nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients progress through their orthodontic journey and earn a beautiful smile at the end. Dr. Niles and our staff takes the time to thoroughly explain each phase of the treatment process, to ensure patients of all ages are happy and comfortable. We want the orthodontic experience to be a positive one, and love when our patients share their stories with us. 

If you're a current (or former) patient, we would love to hear your feedback! It helps us continue to get better at what we do. If you're curious about the patient experience in our Brighton office, read some of our favorite testimonials below.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Niles and Staff,
I want to give you my sincere and huge thank you for what really was an incredible orthodontic experience! Thank you to the ladies up front, in the clinic, and Dr. Niles for the magic you do to help our kids with the gift of the smile. As a parent, one of the best parts of the experience was my confidence that after “shopping around” my daughters’ results came from the best possible approach I could find! Thank you for your smarts, practicality, great office staff, and for always being fair with everything. We will be forever grateful!
 ~Sincerely, The W. Family 

“Dr. Niles was very professional and kind. Our daughter always felt comfortable during her treatment.”
~ Family of L.B.

 “We were very pleased with our care. Dr. Niles and his staff are perfectionists! Everyone was so wonderful!”
~ Family of J.M.

“This was a great experience. Dr. Niles is fantastic! The reception staff is wonderful and the assistants took extra time to make sure we understood everything. We always felt welcome. We will be back with our other children.”
~ Family of R.E. 

“Thank you for managing our appointments so well. We were always able to have appointments that worked for us. It was also great to know the length of the appointments ahead of time. You were very accurate with estimates.”
~ Family of A.L.

“This is our third child who had braces from Dr. Niles. We knew our daughter would have a great smile when we finished treatment. Thank you for putting up with our daughter’s sensitivity. We are very pleased with the treatment and results.”
~ Family of C.K.

“Everyone has been terrific. Our son’s treatment was excellent – beyond expectations.”
~ Family of M.B.

“Dr. Niles is very professional and helpful. He cared about my daughter’s well-being.”
~ Family of C.M.

“We have been coming here for 5 years. Dr. Niles is an awesome orthodontist and all the staff members are amazing!”
~ Family of N.R.

“The entire staff has always been very helpful and informative! I was a patient at Dr. Niles’ office 20 years ago. I am so happy to have experienced the same amazing treatment with my son. Great team! Thank you!
~ Family E.K.

What Our Adult Patients Are Saying

“I loved my care at Dr. Niles’ office! My treatment was excellent and he always explained everything very well. I’ve enjoyed these last 2 years in treatment. Everyone is so friendly. I’m going to miss them.”
~ J. F.

“The procedures were explained understandably, with just the right amount of information. Everyone is very nice and helpful. It was a pleasure being a patient.”
~ Dr. R., DDS

“My treatment was exceptional! Dr. Niles and the entire staff were courteous, professional and knowledgeable.”
~ D.F.

“Dr. Niles was patient and kind. He brought my teeth to the exact aligning as they should be. Everyone was amazing and wonderful!”
~ A.F.

“Dr. Niles’ treatment is super! He’s a perfectionist, which is well appreciated. Everyone is courteous and helpful. Thank you!
~ S.H. 

What Our Adolescent Patients Are Saying

 “I understood what was happening and the assistants did a very good job. Dr. Niles was polite and everyone was very friendly. I see this as a top-notch facility.”
~ I.T.

“Dr. Niles made sure I understood every step of treatment. All the assistants and front desk ladies are very friendly.”
~ J.F.

“I always knew everything that was going to happen. I felt like I could trust everyone. Dr. Niles would explain everything perfectly and was very kind.”
~ L.W.

“Dr. Niles always said he was going to be very gentle and I liked that. Everything was always explained to me and the assistants were very careful.”
~ E.B.

“At first I was worried until they explained everything the whole way through and it made me calm. Braces felt weird at first but then it was good.”
~ L.B

“Dr. Niles was wonderful. It never felt scary or anything. My treatment was awesome!”
~ R.K. 

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We read each of our comments, suggestions and feedback thoroughly to continue to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (810) 227-1950. You can also view our contact us page for more information about our office and where we're located. We look forward to meeting you and your family soon!