Great Oral Health Habits For The New Year

Great Oral Health Habits For The New Year
Posted on 01/25/2017

At Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics, our patients are our number one priority. We want to ensure that your oral health is great before, during and after treatment. Even if you’ve had issues developing a strong oral care routine, 2017 is here and it’s a great time to start. Below you’ll find some tips you can implement into your daily routine.

Replace Your Toothbrush Often

How often should you get a new toothbrush? Definitely do a thorough check of your bristles every once in awhile, and replace it every 2-3 months. Depending on how often you brush, this can vary from person to person.

Stay on Top of Dental Appointments

It’s critical you visit the dentist every six months, and address issues as they arise. Be sure to schedule your regular cleanings at your current appointment or several weeks in advance, so you can plan ahead and not be forced to miss it.

Incorporate Healthy Foods Into Your Diet

Everyone knows that candy and sugar-packed snacks do damage to your teeth, causing cavities and contributing to tooth decay. Swap out that afternoon bag of chips with some apples or carrots! Here’s a great list with other Healthy Foods For Your Teeth.

Pay Attention to Bad Habits

If you use your teeth to open things, tear plastic, or other non-food items, you’re doing them a disservice. Use scissors or a knife to open things up instead, and prevent possible damage to your sensitive oral tissue.

Closely Follow Your Orthodontist’s Recommendations

When you or your child first get braces, there’s an adjustment period and some lifestyle changes needed in order to ensure treatment progresses as planned. Be sure to follow Dr. Niles instructions, on how to clean your appliances, what foods to avoid, or any other specific instructions you’re provided. Compliance is key in order to ensure your treatment is as efficient and effective as possible! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions!

If you have any questions about your treatment, the general health of your teeth or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask! 

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