At-Home Orthodontics Vs. Invisalign

At-Home Orthodontics Vs. Invisalign
Posted on 03/12/2018

What’s The Best Way To Get The Perfect Smile?

Back in the early days of orthodontics, the only choice you had to get that perfect smile you wanted was through metal braces. Today, you get to choose from a wide range of treatment methods to find the one that best meets your needs, giving you more control over what the process of getting your new smile is like. Even metal braces are smaller and more comfortable than ever before, with advanced technology like the Damon braces system. Among these options is the one that continues to be one of the most popular choice among teen and adults for their orthodontic treatment due to its aesthetic appeal: Invisalign.

While orthodontists have been providing with patients with Invisalign treatment for years, a new option has emerged recently that’s known as “at-home” orthodontics that aims to be an alternative to Invisalign. To see how this new method stacks up against Invisalign itself, below we compare the two to see which one is the best choice for you when going for your new smile.

How Does At-Home Orthodontics Work?

With at-home orthodontics programs like Smile Direct Club, you’ll find that the aligners that they use are similar to that of Invisalign, made from a clear plastic material that looks completely translucent. Where they differ is in the process, because instead of going to the orthodontist, you do everything yourself. You get sent a kit where you take a mold of your own teeth, mail it out, and in return you get some aligners delivered to your doorstep. These programs are a cheaper option compared to going to the orthodontist, but they come with major drawbacks that could end up doing more harm to your smile than good.

The Drawbacks Of At-Home Orthodontics

While the idea of straightening your teeth from the comfort of your home may sound like a great way to save money and visits to the orthodontist, it’s important to remember that orthodontics is a medical procedure, so trying to do it yourself is like trying to perform surgery on yourself without the training and knowledge that a surgeon would have. This leads us to the two biggest drawbacks of at-home orthodontics:

  • The Incorrect Fit - Invisalign is meant to fit perfectly over your teeth so they feel comfortable, but when you are left to do the molding process yourself, it’s more likely that you’ll get aligners that just don’t fit right, putting you in more discomfort that you should have to deal with.
  • Long Term Smile Damage - As any orthodontist will be able to tell you, one of the most important parts of straightening teeth is also correcting the jawbone, since that’s what your teeth are anchored into. At-home orthodontics does not correct misaligned bites or jaws, which could lead to long term discomfort or the development of more serious bite issues in the future.
  • No Help From A Professional - If you ever need any sort of assistance during your at-home orthodontic treatment, in the case that you experience something like a broken or ill-fitting aligner, you’re pretty much on your own. Without the help of a professional to make any necessary adjustments and monitor your treatment, there are more things that can go wrong.

Why Invisalign Still Stands Out

You can only get Invisalign from an orthodontist who’s also a certified provider, such as Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics. Even if it may cost a bit more than the at-home orthodontic option, there’s no alternative to going to a professional if you want a perfect smile that will last for a lifetime. The main advantages of getting Invisalign from an orthodontist include:

  • Specialized Training & Tools - An orthodontist receives specific education and training to provide the most effective Invisalign treatment. Also, in the case of our practice, we have state-of-the-art technology that creates detailed scans of your smile, allowing us to plan the movement of your teeth down to the smallest details.
  • Years Of Experience - At Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics, we’ve helped countless patients achieve the smile of their dreams with Invisalign, so you can be confident that you under the care of experienced hands with Dr. Niles and our staff.
  • We Are Here To Support You - The average orthodontic treatment lasts anywhere between 18 to 24 months, and during that time, we will have follow up appointments with you to ensure that your treatment is proceeding as efficiently as possible. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, we are always here to help you.

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