Adult Treatment

We often think of orthodontic treatment when it comes to our children, but it’s never too late to correct teeth alignment issues in adults. Dr. Gordon Niles is a Howell orthodontist providing quality care for adult patients through innovating and discrete treatment methods. Learn about options that can boost your confidence and help you enjoy life with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Orthodontic Care For Adults 

Most adult treatment plans focus on shifting existing teeth into proper alignment using orthodontic appliances that place gentle, constant pressure upon the teeth over a period of several months or years. When the gum tissue isn’t in healthy condition, orthodontic treatments increase the risk of bone loss and can make matters worse. For this reason, existing periodontal disease will need to be treated before you can be fitted with any type of braces or aligners.

Common Treatment Options For Adults

You may picture traditional metal braces when you think about orthodontic care, but modern technology has led to amazing new developments in the field. Adult patients can enjoy options that are more comfortable, discrete and fit easily into your busy lifestyle.

damon bracesDamon Braces are constructed from stainless steel and consist of a thin archwire paired with self-ligating brackets. These brackets slide back and forth under the archwire, moving teeth into alignment without the discomfort of traditional braces or the need for additional tightening appointments.

clear upperDamon Clear Braces
 are similar to standard Damon braces, except the brackets are crafted from clear plastic or ceramic to blend in with your natural teeth. The only visible sign that you’re wearing anything is a super-thin archwire across your teeth.

Clear Orthodontic Aligners.Invisalign Clear Aligners involve removable aligner trays that are custom-crafted to fit your teeth’s exact dimensions. You’ll usually wear each set of trays for about two weeks, then switch to a new set as your teeth slowly shift. You can remove the trays for eating, brushing and flossing, photographs or any other time you need. You can continue enjoying all your favorite foods while you’re being treated with Invisalign and consistently do a great job of brushing & flossing because the aligners are designed to be removed when eating and when cleaning your teeth. You can even take the aligners out briefly for those special occasions like family photos or job interviews as long as you put them back in immediately afterward. Dr. Niles is a Howell Invisalign Elite Provider which means he has an exceptionally high level of expertise and experience in successfully treating patients with Invisalign.


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You’re never too old for orthodontic treatment! As a Brighton orthodontist, Dr. Gordon Niles has offered effective, affordable care for more than four decades. Schedule your complimentary consultation by contacting our practice at (810) 227-1950.

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