Common Problems

In an ideal world, our teeth would be perfectly aligned and have optimal health. However, most people have at least one of the common orthodontic problems, also known as a ‘malocclusion.’ Bad bites can be caused by a variety of issues, including genetics and behaviors, such as thumb sucking, mouth breathing, poor eating habits or accidents. It’s important for parents to identify these problems in their children as early as possible, and visit an orthodontist to see if early intervention is necessary. 

At Dr. Gordon Niles Orthodontics, we want our potential patients to be able to identify these issues, in both themselves and their children. It’s important that these issues don’t persist to prevent long-term damage to the teeth and gums. Below, you’ll find some of the most common orthodontic issues and what to look out for. 


underbiteAn underbite can be identified by the lower front teeth being in front of the upper front teeth, which makes the lower jaw appear much more protruded. Treatment would help push the lower teeth and jaw back. 


crossbiteWhen the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth, this is known as crossbite. Patients with this condition may move their lower jaw forward or to the side when closing. This type of malocclusion may cause misaligned jaw growth and facial asymmetry. 

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

protrusionWhen the upper teeth extend too far forward or the lower teeth do not extend far enough, this is known as upper front teeth protrusion. This impacts the appearance and function of your teeth, and may cause facial asymmetry. 


overbiteAn overbite is another common type of malocclusion, where the upper teeth extend too far over the lower front teeth. This can cause a"gummy" smile, protruding lips and excessive incisor wear.


crowdingCrowding is one of the most common reasons for braces, as it means that new teeth have insufficient room to grow. Crowding is linked to a variety of dental issues, such as tooth decay, as it’s much more difficult to clean crowded teeth. It can be treated by expansion, and usually teeth do not need to be removed. 


spacingSpacing is the opposite of crowding, and is caused by missing teeth or excessive jaw room. This is another popular reasons for braces, and treatment can improve function and appearance. 


openbiteWhen the upper and lower teeth do not overlap, this is known as openbite. Early intervention and treatment by an orthodontist is essential in diagnosing and correcting openbite. This condition can result in a variety of poor habits, such as thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. 

Dental Midlines not Matched

midlinesWhen the back bite does not fit and match correctly, this may result in dental midlines that are not matched. Jaw and proper dental function may be impacted by this condition. 

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